Cute Find: The Perfect Backpack for Fall!


I found this at Target, which is my favorite store in the world. I’ve been looking for a backpack like this for so long. I love the (tribal?) print and brown leather look. It’s big enough to fit a few textbooks and notebook as long as they’re not too big. I have a feeling these will fly off the shelves just like Target’s moccasins seem to do every year. It was $34.99.

x chelseah


Hey, I’m Chelsea!

I’m Chelsea (pronounced Chel-see-ah, like Leah), a 22 year old college grad looking for my next adventure in life. Here I hope to post things related to beauty and fashion (products I like, reviews, hauls). I’ll also be sneaking in some posts about my two kittens/furry children, Nala and Kiba. I’d love some ideas and requests on what to post. You can find me on twitter @chelseahkitty or just comment on this post.

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